Besides various lightening objects, we soon will add useful items for your home, as well as Jewelry made out of drift wood & Leather. This is how it works:
Because of our very limited space we only build them per hand by order. If one or more of the shown items does catch your attraction, you’ll let us know about it (right under the request button). As soon as your inquiry arrived us, we will get back to you by sending you a costumized form.txt-file, containing questions about desired size, included light systems, and others. Of course, if
you want to speed up the procedure, you can call us between 8am – 5pm CET (Central European Time). We have always an open ear for you. After receiving your Order and after clearing up all details, we will send you our price estimation. After you confirmed that, we’ll ask you to pay the half price in advance! Than, you can lean back! We will than do all Other for you. Depending on the item you order and depending on its features, we’ll need 2-4 Weeks for finishing your Order. After done, we’ll inform you via e-mail and we’ll send you the Item by cash on delivery. You’ll be asked to cover all shipping expensives. For any further questions, please use the contact form.

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LED - Lightening Systems (3)