Like to all of my handicrafted work, every item is unique and cannot be reproduced! After I collect the wood, I carry it home into my tiny hobby factory. I have to store it there for about six months for trying up, before I can get my hands on it. After I am done with the shape, there are various sealing techniques I can offer. From sealing the wooden surface with linseed oil, to a colorful wood stain, over a varnishing touch, within to a  polished surface with some of the finest grains available; You just name it! But please keep in mind, the more work, the deeper you got to reach into your pocket! Anyway, at the end I mount the lighting system of your choice, which will also mean the end of my production cicle.  If you have any further concern, please just let me know!

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Balcony Lamp

Height: 80 cm Depth: 42 cm Estimated Production Time: 2 Weeks

Table Lamp

Height: 65cm Width: 40cm Estimated Production Time: 2 Weeks

Floor Lamp

Height: 1.20m Depth: 35cm Estimated Production Time: 2 Weeks